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Do you want to add a pricealert for Bitcoin?

Enter your email address below and fill in the level at which you want a message. We will automatically send an email to you when Bitcoin has reached your alert level. If you set a level that is higher than the current price, we will email you when the price reaches or equal to your specified price. If you enter a price that is lower than the current price, we will email you when the price becomes lower or equal to your specified price.

Prices updated 2022-05-24 16:30. Current Bitcoin price 28900.84 USD.


bicoinprice trading has grown in the absence of a simple page, where you have been able to see the daily price for a given amount of bitcoin in a quick and easy way. Use the alert and follow the Bitcoin price.

On this page you can also find graphs about the bitcoin's historical development, please click on the bitcoin's historical development page to see more..

With the exchange calculator you can easily find out the price of bitcoin in USD $ and EURO €. Very convinient for both active trading in bitcoin or just following the bitcoin price which can be very volatile.

Bitcoin Exchanges

Find and compare different Bitcoin Exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin at best price.

  • Charts by Market

    On bitcoin exchanges the rate of bitcoin is created by people on free market principles: supply vs. demand. The exchange rate is not influenced or manipulated by bots or money exchangers. Price is the result of the free will of the people and not the management and the need to fulfill their wallet at all costs.

  • Secure

    Trusted bitcoin exchanges store your bitcoins offline or in custody of regulated companies like BitgGo. Never allow possibility to steal your bitcoins from your accounts by hackers. Each transaction requires 2-factor authentification, confirmation or verification to be 100% sure, that there is not anybody affecting your actions or act like you.

  • Human Shield

    Technology is awesome, but sometimes it´s needed to have human verification to make it secure, like 2-step verification.

  • Fast Sepa Bank transfers

    Bitcoin exchanges in Europe can offer you to make SEPA transfers between trading partners. The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro.

  • Local Bitcoins

    On Local Bitcoins you can buy and sell bitcoins to other people, which lives close to you in a simple way. You can create or find open offer from other users living near to you. If your need meets with other user, simple buy or sell your bitcoins. On a map you can find existing offers near to your location.

  • ZERO Fees

    Some Bitcoin exchanges offers zero fee trading on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They can do so since they make their money in other ways, like selling trading data to market makers on the exchanges.

Why Bitcoin will not fail

Every skeptics dream – Why Bitcoin the technology CANNOT fail. Before we start – Disclaimer – Bitcoin the technology is neutral but I may super impose some of my passionate desires to seek the truth in a monetarily dark world through this message, please do not let that skew your understanding of what this tech means to all of us.

I know that as I say this some troll in Norway just awoke from his slumber under the bridge and is ready to fight like the viking he secretly is – but before you set off on your Valhalla fueled rampage hear me out. Every so often in humanity there is a paradigm shift in technology which impacts the world in a fundamental way agreed?

Whether it be Galileo using the telescope to tell everyone the world really isn’t flat – to the Internal combustion engine or the Telegraph / Telegram / Radio / Television / Internet etc etc… fast forward to Satoshi Nakamoto who stunned the world through the release of the white paper on Bitcoin. technologySince the dawn of the internet we have seen an infant technology go from a few massive computers in the entire world – all the way to computers in everyone’s pocket, house hold, work environment etc. The ability to send and receive information across vast amounts of space without the abuse or filtration of our oppressors ushered in an age of informational enlightenment.

For those of you who lived through this era I don’t have to tell you how amazing it is to go from writing a post card which took WEEKS to communicate (If it didn’t get lost in the mail.) All the way to instantly clicking a button and seeing your friends face in Japan REAL time while you casually chat from a beach in the Caribbean.

Now lets look at Bitcoin the TECHNOLOGY – a lot of times people get very hung up on trying to disprove bitcoin (the commodity) and how it wont work because (insert oodles of reasons here) But they miss what is really going on in the background – Satoshi Nakamoto sits quietly watching such a simple and beautiful idea unfold into a world covered in lies and deception.

When it comes to the money or the lack there of, we are shrouded in confusion and usually don’t give it much thought. Once I can take my 2$ bill and buy my loaf of bread I am good to go. None of us stop to think about who the government of the US owes TRILLIONS of dollars to? Or why is there so much lack and starvation/suffering in the world when it would only costs around 2.6 Billion to fix this issue? Why would we ever think of these impossible and insurmountable issues? Here is why…

Ever since I was a kid I acknowledged that the world around us was manipulated by a handful of emotionally damaged individuals who for some reason think that through fear and suffering they need to control the world (for whatever damaged reasons they perceive) Having a few great ideas to help change all that meant nothing! Because we would have to ultimately go through rigorous systems designed to be in the hands of a select few (World Banks) and ultimately the super sized problem of not having the resources or control of said resources to try to stop this needless suffering was way bigger than me, or us.

ENTER BITCOIN STAGE LEFT – What’s that you say? an application of this technology allows me to send stores of VALUE through a trust-less DECENTRALIZED peer to peer network!? OK lets break this down… I can have an HONEST system where every transaction is recorded on a PUBLIC ledger which the world can see – everyone has a distributed copy of this ledger and can compare notes to ensure that it is all in good standing. I can send you a million dollars using a commodity (enter bitcoin the currency) and it is all handled through this seamless and well thought out process with no oppressive government to tell us NO.. BAD HUMANS! or bad actors in banks who take weeks to send this amount of money while taxing you an unreasonable amount to send it? Hold on David I don’t understand – Ok do you remember earlier we made reference to sending a post card? and how cumbersome and unreliable this was, and how the internet changed the way we sent information – which rendered said post office a little less useful. Well the banks of today will be the post offices of tomorrow.

We can finally create a currency and believe in this currency? We can use it and trade it… buy it… and give it value!? In case you think bitcoin was the only crypto currency out there – I implore you to go have a look for yourself at the hundreds and hundreds of alternate coins which have been designed (Bitcoin is just the grand daddy who is leading the way)

Using this technology we can have Smart contracts and revolutionize the way the world does things (See Ethereum) and finally send any amount of ‘dollars’ to any part of the world without anyone trying to control us? think of the ramifications this will have on the betterment of humanity. Think of all the suffering people in the 3rd world who have no access to banks or credit cards – who finally have a chance to send stores of wealth using a simple SMS on their phone.

Please understand some of the ramifications this has for the freedom of society on a whole! I apologize if I super impose some of my passionate emotions on this neutral technology, unfortunately the world is not neutral – It has been designed to cause the needless mass suffering of a lot of people and this technology though neutral will usher in a lot of truth in otherwise dark places. This technology is as infant as the internet was in the early 90’s and yet some very very intelligent people are out there tinkering with the open source code to add amazing features to this already epic breakthrough. We have only begun to really scratch the surface of what this will mean for all of us.

I for one finally feel the relief of being able to look at this insurmountable opponent and say hey, maybe alone I will fail – but now we have a chance, and there are a lot of people out there who desire the truth more and more each day. Unless you have been to the real third world and seen an innocent child crying in the mud with no food or water while a Porsche jeep drives by 20 meters to the south it is hard to understand. It’s so easy for us to live a privileged life and ignore all this senseless emotional damage – especially if we are on the right side of the fence.

Thankful In a world riddled with pain and suffering – where money is so important we sacrifice our own well being in its pursuit – where money has become so important it stands on a pedestal next to love and happiness. We desperately need something which can help us relieve this burden and allow us to learn to heal emotionally and spiritually – something which will spread some truth in a world which is so emotionally damaged it has become numb with pain – a world where we wage wars and kill our fellow man in pursuit of the very thing which is used to control us..